• Ginkgo biloba extract

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  • Ginkgo biloba extract
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    Ginko Biloba Extract (GBE) is a kind of product obtained by extracting active ingredients from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba L. using appropriate solvents. Various preparations made of GBE are widely used in medicine, health care products, food additives, functional beverages, cosmetics and other fields. This product is one of the successful cases of botanical medicine (Chinese medicine) developed by modern science and technology.

    [Chinese name] Ginkgo biloba extract

    [CAS NO.] 90045-36-6

    [Chinese alias] Ginkgo biloba extract; Ginkgo GINKGO BILOBA; Ginkgo biloba (GINKGO BILOBA) leaf extract; Ginkgo biloba (24% flavonoids / 6 % lactone); Ginkgo biloba extract; Ginkgo biloba extract CINKGO BILOBA PE; Antler extract

    [English name] Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder

    [English alias] Ginkgobiloba, ext.; ginkgobilobal., rootextract; yajiaotong; GINKGO BILOBA; Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder; 24/6 GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACT 24/6; Ginkgo biloba leaves tea bag cut

    [EINECS]289-896-4<span font-size:12px;"="" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">(Source: Baidu Encyclopedia)

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