• The county's new and old kinetic energy conversion major project construction site exchange meeting

    Date: 2019-1-10 11:20:33

        On January 7th, the deputy secretary of the county party committee and the county magistrate Yan Hengsai led the participants of the new and old kinetic energy conversion major project construction site exchange meeting to visit the Jinsheng Peanut Technology Industrial Park. Nie Xiangshi, director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress, Zhang Junchun, chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference, and other county-level leadership groups, accompanied by Sun Yunxue, secretary of the Party Committee of Cross Road Street. The leaders of the six leading committees of the county party committee, the main responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the county, and the heads of various towns and streets (parks) participated in the observation. Gao Fengshan, the honorary chairman of Jinsheng Group, led the group's leading team and related company leaders to accompany them.



        Jinsheng Peanut Technology Industrial Park is the preferred project of the new and old kinetic energy conversion project in Shandong Province, and is listed as the national agricultural comprehensive development 1-2 industrial integration project. Jinsheng Group relies on the company's national peanut technology research and development professional center, national postdoctoral research station, academician workstation and other scientific research platforms, and strives to build high-end peanut oil, specialty vegetable oil and peanut snack food production line, e-commerce building, peanut museum, technology research and development center, warehousing logistics The distribution center and the idyllic complex agro-ecological project and other new formats and new models of the three-product integration base, by breaking the original vertical distribution of the industrial chain, increase horizontal integration, relying on new market demand, to "build chain, replenish chain, Strong chain "improves the industrial chain and realizes the fissile development of modern and efficient agriculture.




        The leaders at the meeting first listened to Jiang Chunshan, director of the Cross-Street People's Congress Working Committee, to introduce the Jinsheng Peanut Technology Industrial Park, to understand the planning and layout of the industrial park and the project promotion situation, to inspect the peanut industry chain product display, and to inquire about new product development. The problem was then guided by Song Lili, executive general manager of Jinsheng Group and general manager of Jinsheng Foods Co., Ltd., and visited the refining workshop and press shop under construction. The county magistrate actively seized the opportunity and implementation of the conversion of old and new kinetic energy. Innovation-driven development is fully affirmed, and Jinsheng is encouraged to continuously extend the industrial chain to achieve better and faster development.




        Jinsheng Group will accelerate the construction of the park project by taking advantage of the strong winds of this exhibition, ensure that the project will be put into production on time, and realize the new industrial pattern of “complete chain, diversified functions, high quality products and rich formats”, leading the promotion of peanut industry. To build a peanut industry chain system expert, become a model of high-quality peanut products, provide healthy high-quality peanut products for the public, realize the corporate mission of "industry for the people, return the society", and contribute to the economic development of Weinan.


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